What vacuum cleaner won’t scratch wood floors?

Vacuum cleaners designed with soft brushes or those that offer the option to switch off the brush roll are usually safer for wood floors to prevent cuts.

Here are some types of vacuum cleaners that are typically recommended for wood floors due to their gentle cleaning:

  1. Canister Vacuums with Parquet Brush: These often come with a special flooring brush, which is designed with soft bristles specifically for cleaning delicate surfaces like wood floors without scratching them.
  2. Stick Vacuums with Soft Rollers: Many stick vacuums now come with soft roller heads that are made for hard floors. They use soft, woven materials to pick up remains and dust without scratching the surface.
  3. Upright Vacuums with Brush Roll On/Off Switch: Some upright models allow you to turn off the brush roll so it doesn’t spin and scratch the wood floors. When the brush roll is off, suction is used to pick up dirt and debris.
  4. Robotic Vacuums with Adjustable Suction and Brushes: Some advanced robotic vacuums have devices to detect floor types and adjust their suction and brush roll speed accordingly, reducing the risk of scratches.

When selecting a vacuum cleaner for wood floors, consider models with rubber wheels instead of plastic ones, as rubber is less likely to scratch the floor.  Also, look for vacuums with good suction power to ensure that dirt and debris are lifted away somewhat rather than dragged across the floor. Always check the manufacturer’s information to ensure the vacuum is suitable for use on hardwood floors.


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