Which vacuum head for hardwood?

When vacuuming hardwood floors, it’s crucial to use the right vacuum head or attachment to avoid scratching or damaging the surface. Here’s what you should look for:

  1. Soft Brush Attachment: A soft brush attachment, sometimes called a hardwood floor brush, is ideal for hardwood floors. It usually features soft, natural bristles that gently remove dust and debris without scratching the finish. The bristles are often long and flexible, providing a thorough cleaning without damaging the wood.
  2. Hard Floor Tool: Some vacuums come with a specific hard floor tool that’s designed for non-carpeted surfaces. These tools typically have a soft, padded bottom to glide smoothly over hardwood and provide effective suction.
  3. Microfiber Pad Attachment: Some newer models include an attachment with a microfiber pad. This pad can attract and hold dust and dirt while protecting the floor from scratches. It’s a good option for quick, light cleaning.
  4. Adjustable Height Setting: If your vacuum has an adjustable height setting, set it to the position designed for hard floors. This setting lifts the vacuum slightly off the floor to prevent the beater bar from rotating against the wood and potentially causing scratches.
  5. Suction Only: Ideally, the vacuum head for hardwood should rely on suction rather than a rotating brush or beater bar. If your vacuum has a brush roll, it should have the option to turn it off or lift it away from the floor.
  6. Rubber or Felt Stripe Padding: Look for vacuum heads with added rubber or felt stripe padding. These materials are gentle on hardwood and help prevent scratches or scuffs as you move the vacuum across the floor.
  7. Swivel Head: A swivel head can be beneficial for hardwood floors as it allows you to easily navigate around furniture and other obstacles without needing to lift the vacuum, reducing the risk of scratching the floor with abrupt movements.

Remember, the best vacuum head for your hardwood floors might vary depending on the specific model and brand of your vacuum cleaner. Always check the manufacturer’s recommendations for attachments and settings suitable for hardwood floors to ensure you’re cleaning effectively without causing damage.

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